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Science Outreach

I find science communication essential. And fun!


When I was little, one of my dreams was becoming a writer. (Others were: musician, show jumper - or researcher in the tropical forest [check!]). Luckily, I can combine my passions because science entails a lot of writing. When I don't get enough of it, I blog about my field work. E.g. for the EGU Atmospheric Sciences blog, the ATTO Research blog, and I edited a campaign blog about a research cruise around the Arabian Peninsula.


Meet a scientist

Talking to (pre-)school children about cool research in cool places like the Amazon rainforest, I hope to be a role model and inspire kids to stay curious about science.

Check out the German School Shanghai's article about an event where a colleague and I talked about our lives and work as scientists.

Teachers interested in inviting me are welcome to use the contact form. Video calls make visiting classrooms very easy these days! And you can find me on Skype a Scientist.

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